Split Systems – Air Conditioning Installation

We are a family owned and run business started in 2005 by Terry Crewther in his humble back shed. Today Direct Air – Air Conditioning is expanding day by day working with our clients to make sure you get the expertise, quality and satisfaction with your next project. We cover a vast range of brands and our services cover everything from domestic to industrial installations so we know we can undertake your ducted heating and cooling projects with confidence.


Split System Installation Split Systems are the latest Craze. They are air-conditioners that have been split into 2 parts. A compressor outside and one or more head units inside. These systems can provide year round comfort in which ever room they’re installed. They allow you to individually control your internal environment to a constant pre-set temperature. Be it cold or hot outside, you will always be comfortable inside when you have a correctly sized and fitted unit in your room. ome to us to ensure you have the split system installed in your home. When done correctly, these systems become an affordable and very worth wile investment. Add on Cooling Already have ducted heating or thinking about getting it? Well why not address your cooling requirements in the summer months as well, by investing in add-on cooling to provide all year round satisfaction. Add-on cooling, as the name suggests, is added onto a Gas Ducted Heading system. It provides air throught the ducts already being used by your ducted heater. Our trained and friendly professionals will determine whether this system is right for you. Ducted HeatingSay goodbye to freezing winter days and nights with ducted heating, the most parctical and cost effective way to heat your entire home. It consists of the ducted central heating unit positioned externally or internally, as well a series of ceiling or floor ducts that transmit the warm soothing air through your house, With careful positioning you are guaranteed warmth and comfort in every room. Ducted Split Air Conditioning Enjoy complete climate controlled comfort all year round. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system can be installed in near l all new and existing homes. The compressor unit is installed outside the house; the indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing cool or warm air through vents located throughout the house. Through zoning, the air conditioning system can be set up to operate in the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night, saving you monry by reducing the energy the system spends keeping your home at the right temperature. Let us come and size up your home and re comment the system that’s right for you… each and every home is unique.

Evaporative Cooling What’s better than coming home to a cool, fresh house after a hard day at work? Evaporative cooling is the natural cooling alternative that’s cost effective to ru. It uses the warm air drawn from outside passing over water moistened filters to produce air that is clean and fresh. The cool air then trevels through a network of ducts and out the vents, replacing the uncirculated air inside your home, providing that fresh cool summer breeze feeling.