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Water cooler cum Purification System Thanks to a powerful and rugged compressor, this latest range of coolers cool water surprisingly fast. Also, they come with an all-stainless steel body, making them more durable. And together with the power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty, these coolers are complete value for money. What’s more, even eco-friendly versions of these coolers are available. So you don’t just get cold water, you also get a healthy environment, for years to come.

Features: Faster cooling Eco-friendly In situ power-saving PUF insulation Sturdy compressor and trouble-free operation Silent operation Nationwide Blue Star network for prompt service Other Highlights: SDLX series: Stainless Steel body Stainless Steel tank Easy controls Speedy drainage Storage capacities: 12 l to 380 lNST series: Adjustable cold water thermostat Seam welded stainless steel tank Pre-coated outer body for better corrosion resistance Mechanically expanded condenser Front panel in stainless steel Sturdy moulded / flat / extended plastic legs Auto cut-out Riveted body assembly Over-load compressor protection Storage capacities: 15 l to 150 lWATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM Cool mate UV water purification system Coolmate UV water purification systems are especially designed to meet the requirements of water coolers and dispensers and come to you from Alfaa The UV Expert, leaders in UV purification of water. Benefits of Cool mate UV Water Purification system Reliable and consistent UV disinfection efficiency High quality and affordability Simple installation and maintenance. Compact units requiring minimum space.Easily adaptable to varied site conditions. Stainless Steel purification chamber Quartz glass technology for superior UV transmission Comes with Advanced Filtration System Technical Specifications Pre filtration with sediment & activated carbon filter cartridges prior to the UV unit is provided as standard accessories with both the above models Data is for 230V AC 50 Hz operation. Maximum recommended pressure for above models is 50 psi.


Flow based on 0.10 absorption coefficient. Flow rates are based on the quality on input water and end application. Above flow rates are for 99.9% disinfection efficiency at designed dosage. Coolmate models are designed to deliver pure and safe water provided that the inlet water to the purifier is chemically safe for human consumption. The US Public Health Service requires that UV disinfection equipment have a minimum UV dosage of 16,000 uws/cm2 (microwatt seconds per square centimeter). Alfaa Coolmate models are manufactured & designed to impart dosage of > 30,000 uws/cm2. All significant water borne pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed by under 10,000 uws/cm2.