Window Air Conditioners Part One

Monoblock window air conditioner is the first HVAC device created for private homes and apartments. Now the popularity of window air conditioners decreased significantly, they were overshadowed by a split system, flooded the salons of climatic equipment overnight. Invite you to explore the characteristics of window air conditioners — find out what opportunities have their modern models and also select the best model among the three devices of equal power.

Modern window air conditioner The climate of this class appeared in the beginning of the last century . Their body is a mono-block mounted in the window opening or, more rarely, in a specially prepared hole in the wall. Unlike models of the last century, in which the condensate is produced on the street, most modern window air conditioners equipped with a container for collecting moisture condensed on the evaporator. The blades of the ventilation unit when the accumulated rotation catch water and disperse it across the body of the capacitor, which improves the dissipation of heat to the outside atmosphere. As and air-conditioning systems of other classes, window devices are a crusher and control cycles on and off provides a bellows or an electronic sensor. The main task window air conditioner to provide the premises serviced refrigerated air, free from dust. Depending on the cooling capacity of the model window air conditioners are able to maintain the required owner climatic conditions within the area of from 100 to 600 square feet, with ambient temperatures ranging from 65 to 115 °F. In addition, window air conditioners regulate the internal humidity of the atmosphere in the room, bringing it to an optimum level in 35-55%. Some models of window air conditioning units not only cool the air but also heat it by reversing the operation of the compressor. However, heating is possible only under the condition that the outside air temperature is not below 25 °F, otherwise the device breaks down. In conditions of low temperatures and constant heating of the room’s only window air-conditioners are manufactured models equipped with electrotherapy.


Window air conditioners can produce ventilation without heating or cooling of air, acting like household fans. Also, some models of window air conditioning units, performing a partial mixing of air from the atmosphere outside the home, allow the operation of the exhaust ventilation without the inclusion of the device — enough to open the flap on the front panel. Feature extraction can be performed by the device in automatic mode, when activated by the user, i.e. after disconnecting the air damper will remain in the open position.