Window Air Conditioners Part Three

The monoblock construction of the window is much more reliable and miniature than split systems, primarily because of its simplicity — all devices are located in one building, any luer connector in a closed refrigerant piping are completely absent, bringing the device to working condition produced on the shop floor, reducing the possibility of leakage of refrigerant from the system. This explains years of trouble-free service window air conditioners and the almost complete absence needs to refill their refrigerant.

The most serious drawback of modern window models of air conditioners is the noise level produced during operation depending on the power window air conditioning noise level 40-59 dBA. The unit in the window opening brings about another problem — the decrease in light. In addition, window air conditioner cannot be installed on modern windows, if it in advance (in the Assembly process of the frame) there was prepared the corresponding hole. Finally, if you leave a window air conditioner for the winter in the window, using his body into the room well comes the cold outside is required at the beginning of summer set, and in the end to remove the device from the window, to give him a place to store for the winter, and close the resulting gap in the window frame airtight panel or glazing. Please pay special attention when choosing a window air conditioner The ease of use of a window air conditioner depends on three characteristics: the distribution of air passing training; noise; ways to control the device. The opening of the duct through which air is supplied into the room, taken up sliding louvers that direct air flow. According to the standard scheme air cold air should be directed upwards (towards the ceiling), hot — down (to the floor), because Paul is going to the coldest layer of air, and the ceiling is the warmest. In the window air conditioners lower price segment adjusts the position of the shutters is carried out manually, and in some models it is possible to adjust only in one position, usually vertical. More sophisticated models of window air conditioners allow adjustment of the flow vertically and horizontally, and can also control the position of the blinds by a small electric motor to periodically displace the blinds, change the direction of air flow, directing it in different directions of the room.


The noise of the air conditioner occurs mostly from the compressor, less on air conditioning installations. Climatic devices, equipped with reciprocating compressors, the noise is louder than the model with rotary compressor, however, the difference is not so great — no more than 5 dB. For the purpose of noise reduction window air conditioners manufacturers take the following steps — between the compressor and the frame of the monoblock are the anti-vibration rubber, partially covered with rubber casing of the compressor.