Window Air Conditioners Part Two

Companies producing air-conditioners of window class, complete their air filters in the form of fine-meshed nets, in some cases, give it antibacterial properties. Filter air mesh holds large dust particles, protecting them from household and interior condition units.


The principle of operation of a window air conditioner Should immediately dispel the popular misconception — window air conditioner completes the cleaning and cooling of only the inner atmosphere of the premises served, i.e., fence, window air conditioner from the street with the purpose of introducing into the environment is minimal or absent altogether. If you remove the cover from the outer shell of the candy bar, you’ll find a metal partition separating the aggregates of the device into two sections, one of which faces the middle of the room, the other outside. Models performing the mixing in of air from the outer atmosphere and capable of producing the extraction of air from the room, separating the aggregates of the partition wall has a small hole. During operation for cooling the discharge refrigerant compressor, circulates between the evaporator on the inner side of the housing and the heat exchanger on its outer side. Pumped by the centrifugal fan, the air from the room passes through the particulate filter, blowing the evaporator transfers heat to the refrigerant is cooled and blown back into the room. Heated directs the refrigerant to the heat exchanger on the street facing the side of a window air conditioner, where it gives off heat to the air that is blown through the side inlets of the axial fan and ejected from the device into the street. The principle of operation of air-handling units are the same for models of class, for split systems and all other classes of climatic installations — he considered in detail here.

The pros and cons of window air conditioners A significant benefit of window air conditioners is their cost — with equal characteristics and opportunities, window climatic devices is about half the price of split-systems. Installation and removal of window air conditioner does not create any difficulty for the owners, because to attract professionals to these operations are not needed — easier to install except that the mobile air conditioning. If necessary, the window model can be transformed into a mobile, for example, at the time of visit give — to remove the instrument from the apartment window, to close up the gap formed by a partition made of plywood, to bring and install it in the country, and before returning to the city again to do the surgery for removal and installation.